Vignette on Connecting

A faint flicker glides into dark space. It reveals just the shadow of a thing. In time a flicker returns, a different hue and intensity. Its return exposes the faintest bit of details in the nascent form. Somewhere far off there’s another mass, hard but porous waiting for the next tingling reception. Swirling in its own half dark, the nearer hulk begins to articulate another signal. Textured and writhing with hints and careful details. Then off into the open air. Lightning’s courier darts with the parcel. The atmospheric din crackles and hums with non-interference. Message received. Interest flickers in each mass. They grow nearer in the now quieter space. In their murky distance, the rocky forms soften to receive, swell to send. Flecks of sparkling delight begin lacing throughout every next wisp. At length, a wiry, bidirectional stream spins out from each to the other. Each offering a more solid stream from an ever softer hulk. Slow pulsations carry the ebbs and flows of connection into convergence.

Vignette in the Midst of Change

Time tumbles forward. Complication and business pervade every moment and every moment twinkles with transience. In moments between moments you look around and see flecks of the world outside of the slipstream. Anchor points. A beautiful girl’s smile in the sunlight of a high school summer afternoon turning evening. Cars in the parking lot stand out like sparse freckles. Stragglers pass through the walk ways at work. The seats of the office are mostly empty and the screens dark. The sun sinks into the ocean through western windows. A handful of smiles surround you. Eyes and words shine in the evening sky over top of looming mountains. You push a little, pull a little. Impatience tells you you’ve got enough control. You fall your own fall. The water is your water. You are a plunging rock.

Here We Go Again

This is the first post of the newest iteration of my corner of the web. Enjoy and converse. In case you’re curious, this is a WordPress blog. I’m not a WordPress fanboy, but it is the best tool for the job as far as I’m concerned. I rebuilt most of the blog twice before switching to WP. The first time, I wrote a directory parser/cacher system that would let me statically generate the blog from flat files. The second time, I wrote an even more sophisticated version that was still file-backed rather than database backed. I was doing a lot of fancy caching, minimizing, and dog fooding. Still, I wasn’t getting it done fast enough. Who cares who fast a blog loads if it isn’t done enough to launch. Exactly no one, including me. After spending probably fifteen hours on each I had the epiphany that just using WordPress will deliver significantly more bang for the time I spend. At the time of this writitng I have approximately 7 hours in the project and it’s nearly complete in terms of desired layout and features for desktops and tablets. The handheld mobile view sucks, but I haven’t spent any time optimizing for that yet. I’ll get there. Anyway, now that this bad boy is up and running, look for frequent updates with interesting things.